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Sangam Tandoori Indian Restaurant, Melbourne

135 Nelson Pl, Melbourne 3016
Cuisine: Indian
Contact: +61 (0)3 9397 5451
Open Hours: Lunch: Noon-2.30p Sat & Sun. Dinner: 5.30p-10.30p daily.
This fully licensed (but you can also bring your own wine) Indian tandoori restaurant is popular among both locals and visitors of all ages.
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When we moved to Australia a year ago we vowed not to eat at the same restaurant twice due to the array of gastronomic delights. Well that was before we had the pleasure of finding Sangam Tandoori. We have returned more times than I can keep track of! The food is consistently WONDERFUL to a point that we crave (and cave) on a regular basis.
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Sangam Tandoori Indian Restaurant, Melbourne
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